Hello! Joslynn Beach here, owner and operator of B2 Fitness. Thank you for stopping by to find out more about my private studio. I am happy to share with you here my intentions as a fitness professional, my personal background, and describe the studio itself. 

My Collaborative Intent

I feel that fitness is essential for everyone not only for its achievements, but for a healthier and happier life for you and your family. Helping my clients find the best combination of gym workouts and leisure activity for their lifestyle is most important to me, since I believe possessing strength is a necessity in life as much as having fun while being active and playing! You can rest assured that I will find the right movements and level of intensity for you when starting out. Through your training I will guide you in striving for improvement where we both see fit. I want you to help you arrive at a place where you see your body as the temple that it is, where you find yourself able to love your strengths and your flaws all the same. Through my fitness journey I found that lifting weights was a fun and challenging activity, one that has given me more strength and confidence. I know if you try it out, you will see and feel your progress and you could become a whole new version of yourself! Through optimizing your training and dietary choices, I will encourage you to focus on how you feel rather than fixate on a number on the scale you want to reach or an image on the internet you wish you could be. You are more than a number, and you deserve to feel comfortable being you, being here. In the studio there is no talk of diets, viewing exercise as punishment nor food as a reward. I want to help you put yourself at the top of your to-do list every day, to show you the set of habits you’ll upkeep to reach the point where you feel comfortable in your own skin. Then you can break free of temporary fixes and finally have an active lifestyle you can maintain.

My Background

I grew up in a very active family, right here in Vancouver. After a hiatus from sports during my university years, I felt unfamiliar with my body and wasn’t sure what it was capable of anymore. This disconnect resulted in self doubt. Lack of regular exercise also left me feeling low and anxious, add to that the typical stressors from school & you get a wound up individual wondering why they’re feeling this way! I realized how important it was for my physical and mental health to remain active FOR LIFE! Finding fitness again led me to become a personal trainer.

My purpose is to remind you how effective movement is in keeping not just your body, but your mind, in great condition. Growing up with a family member who lived in chronic pain, I understand the challenges in daily life having an injury can bring. Through our collaborative work, clients who were previously injured have regained their ability to move around easily and without pain, letting them enjoy activities they love again.

Qualifications & Notables
• Bachelor of Science Biochemistry
• ACE Certified Personal Trainer
• ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist
• FRCms Mobility Specialist
• OTA Certified Online Trainer
• CPR/AED Red Cross
• BCABBA, CBBF Women’s Physique Competitor 2013

The Studio

The 1,000 sq ft facility is completely private, which means NO other trainers work in the space! It has been outfitted with brand-new equipment, a secure buzzer entry system, air conditioning, a shower facility with all your needs and complimentary towel service (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE DUE TO THE PANDEMIC). A wireless sound system allows you to play your own music during your personal training session, right from your device. The space is equipped with a disability/wheelchair accessible entrance and shower.