Our B2 Fitness family wants to share their experiences with you:

I cannot even BEGIN to tell you what an incredible difference the one on one training I’ve recieved has made. I’m certainly not sporting abs that could cut glass but I credit B2 Fitness for the fact that I’m not in significantly worse shape. For real, after I had my first child I was struggling in more ways than one so I reached out and my beginner body was treated with total care and consideration. Joslynn taught me form and skills and I can take those with me to any gym in any city and feel confident that I can use the equipment and get moving instead of looking lost and being unsure of whether or not I belong there in the first place. She taught me some incredible things about personal fitness but also my mental well being and she is STILL my go to for all things that are health related and in my control. If you’ve been considering personal training I highly recommend it and there’s nowhere better to go than B2Fitness. You definitely won’t regret it.

— Stacey B.

I’m blown away at the progress I’ve been able to achieve towards my fitness goals with the support and direction of B2 Fitness. Joslynn is a master at creating customized training programs and workouts that are effective and get results. Highly recommended!

— Hector C.

I’m a 56 year-old female with an old broken back injury. I worked my entire career at a desk job, enduring constant back pain, and have always found it hard to become motivated to exercise. I’ve been training with Joslynn for over a year and my whole outlook and attitude towards the gym has changed, as a result so has my way of life. My mood has improved, as has my relationship with my partner, and I look forward to exercising daily in the right way for my body; no endless cardio or multitudes of bodyweight movements that don’t give results. Joslynn is amazing because she can show you so many different variations to a particular exercise (which I need due to my previous injuries!). She’s personable and is always concerned about how you physically feel, her compassion and kindness in addition to her expertise have kept me coming back to use her services. Thank you Joslynn for making me feel 30 again!

— Jackie B.

I have been training with Joslynn for the last few months and I must say Joslynn’s level of knowledge and personal attention/care for her clients is unmatched. I have trained at a few gyms before and Joslynn’s workout, nutrition and home-care plans allowed me to exceed all of my fitness goals. I have also injured myself playing sports recently and Joslynn helped me overcome my injury with her impressive knowledge and a restorative exercise plan. I would recommend B2 Fitness to anyone regardless of your fitness goals or personal situation as I’m sure Joslynn will be able to help you!

— Simon T.

Joslynn and this gym are the most supportive, encouraging and educational fitness experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been challenged to accomplish goals I never thought I could achieve. I cannot recommend B2 Fitness enough!

— Tova K.

This is one of Mount Pleasant’s hidden gems and the only place I know  where you can train in a group  getting PERSONALIZED ADVICE of a certified trainer. The reason why I love working out with Joslynn is because there three things I hate about standard gyms. First, the trainer who clearly doesn’t care about your goals, injures, form, etc, and just hands you a piece of paper with workouts and a protein shake unless you pay a premium on top of your membership. Second, group classes where the goal is pretty much to injure yourself or throw up, whatever happens first.
Third, the expensive membership and all the crazy apparatus that you will never use, mainly because you don’t know how or there is a lineup of impatient people rushing you to finish your reps. At B2Fitness I found a place where I can work out at my own pace, where I feel motivated by a group of really nice people, and where I get the personalized attention of a personal trainer without the BS.

— Ivan M.

When I first started training with Joslynn, I hurt all over. I knew becoming strong would make the pain go away. Getting stronger made me feel better and changed my body from a skinny body to a more defined body, which I learned to love! I’ve realized coming to the gym helps me maintain my physical abilities and there is no replacement for that. Now I know what I need to do to maintain my physique and that it’s up to me to put in the work!
— Maryn D.

I cannot say enough about how truly wonderful this place is! Such a welcoming, inclusive, and non-intimidating space headed by the true gem of a person and badass of a trainer, Joslynn. I have never before felt so confident and strong as I have since working out here, and I couldn’t be more grateful for Joslynn’s support and guidance throughout all of my sessions. I give this place an enthusiastic and emphatic recommend!

— Raya P.